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house cleaning services Honolulu
Maintaining your vacation house to make it Instagram-worthy is not as difficult as most people think, especially in Honolulu. If you harness the house cleaning services Honolulu has to offer other strategies, you can consistently maintain your house. So, here are some suggestions on how to keep your vacation house to make it Instagram-worthy. […]
Facebook Pages: How to use them FREE Market Research Using Facebook Pages  Market Research is now more effective than ever thanks to the relaunched Facebook Question Product. Market Research has traditionally been an expensive part of the marketing mix most brs. However, with the introduction of Facebook pages groups, brs have been social media to […]
Social Media Influence Scores: The What, Why & How What is online influence why is it important to brs? Online Influence Scores are a method of ranking the influence individuals their Social Media networks. Big brs have known decades that influential people can help increase br or product credibility influence purchase decisions. […]
Japanese Search Engines: The Top 10 Japanese search engines are growing in popularity. In fact, the top 10 Japanese search engines all saw growth of 18 – 30% during March 2011. Japan has always been very different to the rest of the international consumer markets it can be daunting knowing which search engines you should be paying attention […]
Social CRM: A definition point of view on SCRM Social CRM or SCRM is a business strategy that enables brs to proactively identify, engage build advocacy with customers through social media in real time. The SCRM strategy focuses on building advocacy br loyalty through proactive engagement. The “traditional” CRM strategy has a […]
Social Data: Stop Listening Start Thinking Social Data is currently the fastest growing discipline in Social Media Marketing. Many brs have embraced ‘Social Listening’ (the process of capturing conversations from the social media). So why am I now telling you to stop listening? Simple, I want you to get value from the mass of […]
6 Social Media Lessons from David Ogilvy Way back in 1983 David Ogilvy wrote a book titled “Ogilvy on Advertising” at the time it was a real eye opener those in Advertising, Marketing PR. Today there his words of wisdom still very much apply. Six points really st out are vital to a brs […]