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Maintaining your vacation house to make it Instagram-worthy is not as difficult as most people think, especially in Honolulu. If you harness the house cleaning services Honolulu has to offer other strategies, you can consistently maintain your house. So, here are some suggestions on how to keep your vacation house to make it Instagram-worthy.

How to Maintain an Instagram Worthy Vacation House

There are some efficient strategies to keep your vacation house Instagram worthy. Here are some of them:

1. Keep it Clean

Since you already know that you have to keep your house clean, someone asking you to do that might seem an irrelevant point. But no. Keeping your vacation house to make it Instagram-worthy is strategic.

The best practice is to clean on the spot. You might want to accumulate dirt leave the house in disarray till a scheduled cleaning time. However, it is better to clean on the spot. The moment something is out of place put it back in place.

The houses you see on Instagram may not be as clean as they appear. But, you can make your home appear as clean as you want. You might like to schedule a specific time in the week thorough, things-shifting, position-changing cleaning, arrangement.

What matters most is keeping your house so clean that one would want to snap pictures in it. Keeping your home is not difficult. There are house cleaning services in Honolulu you can harness to your advantage.

2. Keep it Simple but Sophisticated

Some people think that the house has to be crowded to make it worth it. But no. It is far from the truth. Even if your home is cluttered with expensive things, it does not rule out that it is clustered.

Keeping it simple sophisticated is the best you can do to attract people to your house. Instagram pictures will be perfect without the assorted clutter of images, unnecessary furniture that takes up space, other things better kept out of the scene.

Most people prefer their houses organized smart. Have it painted in a color you like. You will need good wallpapers, too. Make your house as inviting comtable as possible.

3. Decorate It

While you have to avoid cluttering your space, you do not have to leave it bare. Designs are essential making your room attractive. And of course, your room has to be attractive to attract tourists.

Use designs that make statements about your house; artworks, styled rugs, top-notch light fixtures, etc. These things are what make people want to take pictures. Pictures of the house having these designs will attract people to have a feel of it in reality.

4. Take a Perfect Picture

Instagram Worthy Vacation House

If your house is well set worth staying in, but you do not capture it well, it will not attract people. The perfect picture will enhance the beauty sophistication of your house.

Having the perfect lighting will enhance the pictures. It is better to lighten the house will natural light. Open the windows doors snap. Make the picture colorful. You can do this by putting things with bright colors on the spot.

Rather than a blank wall, use beautiful wallpapers. Your rug, throw pillows, table cloths with patterns will make the picture better. The aim is to achieve a perfect picture with the right color blend rather than a monochromic display.

5. Make Some Changes

One right way to maintain a vacation house is to have things changed refreshed on routing. Change the old curtains, rugs, those towels in the kitchen.

Do a refreshing of the house to keep it lively smart. Bee things get worn out, have replacements them.

6. Add Life to It

Keeping something lively in your house does magic to the appearance feel of the place. A pet or plant can go a long way. People like pets. So, a vacation house with these lively lovelies will be attractive.


Maintaining a vacation house is not a difficult task. With the right strategies, you will have fun while keeping your home beautiful.

Some of the pictures you see on Instagram may not portray the houses as they are. But you can have the real thing on Instagram if you try. You can attract traffic to your vacation house if you make it more ‘instagrammable’ maintain it that way.


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